About Us

Our Mission

We want to exceed your expectations by doing everything to make our customers happy. We believe transparency and communication is important. Building relationships and trust takes patience. Doing the right thing and being better tomorrow than we are today is the goal.

Our Story

Lines Equipment was founded in 1988 by John Lines. He started with a service truck and $1,500 from his brother. The company specialized in preventative maintenance and repair of restaurant and bakery equipment. As the business grew John saw a demand to supply local restaurants and bakeries with equipment so he began supplying the small demand there was. The reputation for customer service that Lines Equipment was known for in the local market spread and grew the company into one that also provided grocery store and restaurant packages. John still believes what made the company grow was customer service, so when you call Lines Equipment, you will always get a real person to answer the phone. We care about getting you what you need at a fair price.

Why buy equipment from Lines Equipment?

With over 100 years of combined experience in the equipment supply and sales industry we are familiar with the many nuances of the business and we strive on a daily basis to make the shopping for and purchase of equipment a convenient and pleasant experience for our customers. We look forward to working with you now and well into the future!

Avoid Common Mistakes When Buying Equipment

Purchasing a piece of equipment can be stressful. How can you be sure the equipment you’re considering is the right one to meet your needs for years to come? To help you, we present this checklist of commonly-overlooked things you should review as you’re making your decision.

  • What’s my budget for this piece of equipment?
  • What will I use this for and in what quantity?
  • What utilities do I have available that might be used by this piece?
  • Do I have an adequate way to get my equipment into the building?
  • Will this piece be visible to my customers?
  • Will I need a hood or ventilation system for this piece of equipment?
  • What health or safety regulations apply to this type of equipment?
  • How much space do I have for this piece of equipment?